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My Profile is the 2nd menu across the top of the screen. You can create and edit your profile pages via this menu.  You have 3 types of profiles to choose from, you may need 1 or all 3, but they’re available to you if you need them. The different types are:

Artist Profile: (aka My Profile) Best suited to the individual artist.

Group Profile: Intended for bands or groups of people.

Venue Profile: Intended for physical locations. Like a studio, bar or restaurant.

Consider your profile type and select “Edit Profile” or “Create..” if you need a Group or Venue profile. Dress your page, add up to 3 images to each profile.  Add your Social Media links (these are hard coded URLs, you only need to add your suffixes) You can add your ABN, if registered for GST add your Tax File Number.  You can upload a PDF Press Kit (or Menu if you chose a Venue profile). Hide or show your calendar and review section and set your Booking Options, this option

There is also some default Booking Options, choose whether or not you are only available for Private or Public functions, or Both.  Select your default set-up and pack-up time and add your technical specifications to the message box provided.

The Search (our home page) is where you go to find artists, groups or venues.  At the centre top of the page is where the Search and Advanced Search field is located, here you can change the field from 'Who' are you looking for to 'What' are you looking for.. this is to provide you with a search facility designed to look up names instead of occupations or skill types.

The ‘My Account’ page is what you need to complete before setting up you profile page.  If you have signed up you should receive an activation email from us containing your activation link, you will need to activate your account before you can access your ‘My Account’ page.

Once your account is activated you can log-in.  When you log-in for the first time you should be directed to your ‘My Account’ page, fill out the required fields and when done you can move on to setting up your profile by visiting the ‘My Profile’ menu item and select “Edit Profile”, “Edit Group” or “Edit Venue”, you can have one of each if you require.

Your ‘My Account’ page is where you provide your personal details.  Name, Date of Birth, Address, Phone Number, Email as well as your referrer’s Email address. The ‘Referrer E-mail’ field is provided to reward the person that told you to sign to it has been implemented to reward your referrer 1% commission of all the successful gigs you do for 12 months.  This is our way of saying thanks.

Please keep in mind that we do not sell or share your personal information.  We will only disclose the information and images you provide on your ‘My Profile’ pages publicly, however, we do utilise (but will not disclose) your location to return your profile in user proximity results.

If you only interested in Booking artists then there is no need for you to add photos and information to ‘My Profiles’.

A top, third from the left is the My Roster menu item which provides you with Calendar views of where all of your Booking Requests, Confirmed Bookings and Pending Reviews are displayed.  You can click on any day of the month and additional details will be provided for that days events in the left hand Events panel. You also have Event Filters on the side left panel which enable or disable various types of events from being displayed.

It is on this page you can accept, negotiate or decline Booking Requests, write reviews or Export an iCal version of your Calendar for importing into other devices.

(Available when signed in) Located in the top right hand corner by clicking on your name or balance.  The Wallet provides you with a Transaction History, a Bank Account tab and a Credit Card tab.  This is where your purchases and withdrawals are made.  You can top up your account using your Credit Card and liquidate earnings back to your local bank account when ever you like.

Funds you withdraw from a Credit Card can be fully refunded back to the same card using the “Refund” option located on the Transaction History tab.  Locate an amount you
withdrew from your card and click ‘Refund’.  The amount you withdrew will be safely returned to the card it came from, just allow a few days for the amount to return.  We usually see 3 business days for Credit Card fund returns, but in certain cases some financial institutions require 5-10 days.

If you are a referrer and have commissions from completed events you will notice your commissions appear on your Transaction History.  Other earnings will also appear on your Transaction History, or funds you have withdrawn from your Credit Card to book artists. Basically, all the deposits and withdrawals and credits you earn just like a regular bank statement.

For additional security reasons, we do not store your Credit Card or Bank Account information at this time.  For this reason, you will have to re-enter your financial institution information each time you make a purchase or a withdrawal.

The Gig Guide is a unique and exclusive feature to Prosessional.  The Calendar on the Gig Guide page is a conglomerate of 'Public' events that are booked by people like you via Prosessional.  So you can click a date on the Calendar and view what's going on down the left hand side Events panel.

You can filter out events from being displayed on the Calendar using the buttons at the top of the Event panel such as:

Show (or Hide) profiles I like: This will display events from profiles you have marked as ‘Liked’

Show (or Hide) events of Profile genres: This will display events related to genres you have on your own profiles in your local area.

Snow (or Hide) events in my city: This will display all events in your city.

When making a booking, bear in mind, only those Bookings marked as Public will be  displayed on the Gig Guide Calendar.  Some artists (or venues) may not allow to perform in Private or Public.  So, the profile you want to book may not allow you to change this preference as it is a condition of the artists (or venues) conditions.


Signing up is simple. For the best experience use a laptop or desktop computer with a modern browser such as FireFox, Chrome, Safari etc. In the top right of the screen you should see 2 buttons, Log In and Sign Up. Click Sign Up, the Sign Up form should appear, here you can manually Sign Up or use your Gmail account.

Your personal details such as Date of Birth and Personal Address will always be kept private and not be disclosed. Make sure you read the Terms & Conditions before signing up to familiarise yourself with the features on the site.

Prosessional will send you an Activation Link by e-mail.  If you do not receive this, please check your Junk or Spam folder, it's possible your e-mail application may have intercepted it. Failing that, re-check your e-mail address and try again.

Booking an artist in the real world, agents charge artist commissions on booking amounts of 15%, 20% or more. Prosessional commissions are a low 5% from artist payments. There are no other fees or charges involved.

Sign up is FREE!  Adding pictures to your profile is FREE!  Adding social media links is FREE!  Withdrawing funds to your Bank Account is FREE!

The concept, in a nutshell, search or browse artists, inspect different profiles.  When you've found something you're happy with, add funds (what ever you budgeted) to your Wallet, then click the blue Booking Request button on the profile page you found.

Add the location of your event, Add the date and time frame. Add the Talent genre category required for your event. Add your Budget, and optionally you can add a Booking Request expiration (good for those who are slow at replying!)

Currently, we offer Visa & Mastercard as forms of payment (Amex should be available sometime in 2017). You can refund back to your Credit Card, provided that card was used to withdraw from originally.

If your Credit Card provider has reward points, you'll be pleasantly rewarded with points for booking someone like a DJ, BONUS!

We keep your personal details hidden from the public.  You choose what you want to display, for example, your Profile Alias or the Social Media links you provide.

Your Credit Card information is safe as we do not store Credit Card information. And you also have an additional level of income security offered when you book or are booked as the funds are held by Prosessional until the event is successfully completed.

Rain spoilt play?! can happen.  Our Booking Request forms are designed for a multitude of events and scenarios.  A Booker can cancel an event within 24 hours of making the booking without consequence, but the Booking Requests are binding agreements. If you negotiate a Cancellation Fee with your artist or a Security Deposit, then you forfeit those funds.

Try to avoid negotiating those options when possible.