Security and Safety

You are very important to us and so is your safety and security.  The team have designed the site with the upmost care to protect your privacy and safety. Your personal information is kept private, but it is best for you to understand and practice some safety precautions like these...

1. Do NOT display your personal information on your profile such as personal phone number, address or date of birth.

Always use a 'strong password', like a mix of letters and numbers, uppercase and lowercase letters, etc.  Keep it safe and keep it hidden from others.

Use ‘Private Browser’ tabs when using sites on public or shared computers.  Always Log Out of the site when you are done with your business.

4. Check out the event location before accepting jobs.  Let someone know where you are and make sure you can get home safely or have someone pick you up after your job.

5. Document any peculiarities with your smart phone and contact someone close if you don’t feel safe.

Disagreements and Resolutions:

Every now and then, events might not run perfectly to plan, be that as it may, by fault of weather conditions, traffic congestion, forces of nature or other unforseen circumstances.  These elements can play havoc and plunge events into kaos, for this reason, we implore our members to respectfully and calmly remain professional at all times.

Please refrain from using offensive language and / or aggressive behaviour.  It is always best to avoid confrontations and exercise calm in order to diffuse situations that would otherwise achieve a peaceful resolution.

Bear in mind, we hold details of both parties, the performers and the bookers, but such information is only presented to authorities in the event a persons safety is jeopardised.

If you find yourself in the middle of a dispute, please conduct it discretely and respectfully.  You can report it via the Support page within 24 hours of the 'Event Completion' to freeze the release of the payment to the performer(s).  The dispute process will then commence.

In the event a dispute is raised Gigglr will provide email addresses to both parties in order for them to resolve their issue or explore professional mediation if no resolution can be reached.

Your sincerely,

The Gigglr Team